Offensive, indecent t-shirt day (?)

The solution to yesterday’s t-shirt dilemma? The Torg Dream Fighters shirt I bought ages ago, but have worn very rarely. Marcia called the logo on the front of the shirt (I’m not pimping the shirt, but that’s the only place I know of where there’s a pic of the front) “indecent”—but her opinion doesn’t count. So there. (She was—at least—half-joking… though I wonder what she’d think of Soul Calibur II or Guilty Gear XX.)

I hear that Kristina wore one of the infamous “boys are dumb. throw rocks at them” t-shirts today. I also hear that Duane called her on it, though I know not how seriously.

So, between Kristina, Duane, Marica, and me… I bet we won’t have another “wacky and wild (but still decent)” dress day at work.

(I can see the argument that guys would make against that “throw rocks at them” shirt; certain females would be foaming at the mouth if guys wore shirts declaring that girls are dumb, and should be pelted with rocks. I fall more in the “it’s a dumb joke” camp, though I think it can be made better* by modifying it so that it reads: people are dumb. throw rocks at them.)

[*See, by calling boys dumb, the shirt appeals to gals. If the shirt called gals dumb, it would appeal to…er…guys who don’t care about pissing off girls**. By generalizing to all people, you can simultaneously piss everybody off and appeal to the antisocial crowd.]

[**Girls win, in general, because there are always more guys willing to hang out with girls who support throwing rocks at guys than there are girls willing to hang out with guys who support throwing rocks at girls.]


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