Still sane, I think

I’ve made a bit of progress in catching up on sleep, as demonstrated by my ability to stay awake throughout the day (where “awake” is loosely defined as “eyes more open than shut”) with the assistance of a mere can of Mountain Dew. Next I hope to regain my ability to string together coherent sentences when talking.

Yesterday’s dance practice was comparatively successful, inasmuch as I actually got out and danced some. I know enough night club two step now to not bore a follow for half of a song [my obvious strategy, in light of this, is to not start dancing until the song is half over (^_^)V], and even successfully tried out a new waltz transition between flip-flops and the barrel roll. I now possess the knowledge to chain all my waltz moves together, if not the discretion to avoid using video-game terminology to describe my abilities.

Today I went to campus and chatted with professors, and I now have the email addresses of a few people I can contact about issues related to the actuarial job hunt. The sad truth is that, while I’m a good worker, I can’t sell myself worth beans. Consequently, my only real hope for finding a job is that my work (school, actuarial exam scores, references) will be able to speak of me better than I can.

I’ve been thinking about what to say about flügtag, and haven’t really been able to come up with any great way to describe what went on. The truth of the matter is that it was kinda slow; perhaps the idea of creating contraptions and then throwing them into the Willamette is simply one that sounds more hilarious on paper than it is in practice…. Still, I did see a fifteen-foot puffin (complete with “wings” out, as if that would help it glide further) be hurled off the edge of the platform. The puffin was decapitated as soon as it left solid ground, so that the person inside could dive out to safety—which was kind of entertaining. Also memorable was Hair Force One, “piloted” by a group of guys sporting mullets. They had a nice video of themselves being asses (or, rather, asses sporting mullets) in some local mall, which culminated—predictably, but satisfactorily—in them getting tossed out by the security guards. Otherwise, though, we fried in the hot sun and gasped at the $4.50 lemonades that people were trying to hawk. Also impressive was how packed the event was; many people made time in their day for flügtag.

Marin and I have been slowing making our way through Magical Shopping District Arcade Abenobashi over the last week. As one might expect from Gainax, what initially seems to be a “random parody of the week” show turns out to be a “random parody of the week with a backstory” show, and what initially seems lighthearted fun is tinged with a bit of sorrow.

I’m enjoying it; I like both Sasshi and Arumi. But, then again, I was sold (in the first episode) when Sasshi simultaneously burped and gave a thumbs-up as his way of agreeing with what Arumi was saying.

Word on the street is that there’s a meeting tomorrow morning that should make for some good times (where “good times” means “increased staff angst”), and I wouldn’t want to miss that. I live in exciting times!


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