Wednesday I ditched work and took a four-hour nap. I woke up feeling mildly functional, which was a vast improvement over my earlier, nonfunctional, status. Good thing, too, because that evening Eric and I had been invited over to Brian’s house for dinner.

Yeah, Brian, that’s probably why I was rather quiet—above and beyond my usual reserved self, even.

After dinner we played a rousing game of Clue: Master Detective—a game that none of us had played for many, many years. I proposed a new Clue variant: Idiot Savant, which features three locations, three people, and three weapons. (Yes, you could make the game more obvious… but I think it’s more fun to just have a game where you have a better chance of winning by randomly making an accusation on your first turn than by actually playing any turns.) I—courtesy of Brian deciding to give me one shot before solving the mystery himself—successfully named Miss Scarlet and her weapon of choice, the horseshoe. I didn’t place her in the gazebo, however, which kinda ended my career as a master detective.

Who the heck kills someone in a gazebo, for crying out loud? That’s a recipe for 360° of witnesses!

In Satoshi Kon’s Paranoia Agent*, there’s apparently a young boy who goes around and beats the tar out of people using a baseball bat. This fellow acquires the nickname of shonen bat—”young boy bat.” (Incidentally, the idea of someone going around and randomly clubbing people is pretty freaky to me.)

[*I now recognize Kon as the director of Perfect Blue and Millennium Actress, and so no longer feel weird describing Paranoia Agent as the new anime by Satoshi Kon.]

Our copier at work has been dying a slow death lately, and has exasperated a coworker, Sharon, to the point of daydreaming about various ways to destroy the thing. Sharon’s occasionally suggested to both Eric and me that we should use our technical know-how to sabotage the machine; to Marin she mentioned that she was ready to bring in her Louisville Slugger and bash the copier to death.

Marin’s first thought? Sharon bat.

But, yes, I’m still remarkably tired. Tomorrow morning there’s a meeting at work, and then I’m supposed to join a select team in questioning some person about some scanning service we might start using in the near future. Sadly, I’m barely in any shape to stare slack-jawed at a screen—let alone actually think and be quick on my toes.


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  1. Brian says:

    I didn’t notice any especial quietude. This is because I am an insensitive jerk.
    And yeah, 360° of witnesses is a pretty bad idea. That’s probably why we were able to round her up in just over an hour.


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