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I’ve gotten in the habit of reading some web-design blogs, on top of my general blog reading (highlights of which may be found on my ⁄⁄LINKS page):


// hicksdesign


A List Apart (okay, so this one isn’t a blog)

On one of those sites (I forget which one, now) I learned that sidebars on the left are bad—in terms of page readability—and thus should be avoided. That surprised me, as I don’t think this layout is that shabby (then again, I don’t have too much in my left sidebar). Hrm. I could see people with extremely wide browser windows suffering because I lack a fixed-width layout (extremely long lines of text aren’t all that much fun to read), but otherwise… bah. Still, I find this kind of stuff interesting. I’ve learned all sorts of things (not that I’ve actually put any of them into practice) from browsing these sites.


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