Final summer dance

It’s already late and I’m tired, so I’ll keep this short. Last dance practice of the summer was fun. I spent some time reminiscing with Marco about how things have changed in the five (!) years that we’ve been dancing at OSU—people, music, classes offered, weekly events where people can dance. Of course, Marco’s memory was much better than mine… and he’s right. Things really have changed since I first took Ballroom I my sophomore year; and, with the exception of the people who have left, most of the change has been for the better. It’s neat to think about, really; there’s a lot more dancing occurring in Corvallis than (probably) ever before.

I then got involved in a competition against Barry for who would dance more times in the evening. He cleaned my clock, taking an early lead and maintaining it throughout the evening, but both of us did dance more than we historically have. Before this competition, Barry noted that next week we’d have to figure out a new place where we could do nothing for an hour and a half. I could have argued that watching others dance and trying to glean their moves isn’t “doing nothing,” but wisely decided to stay silent.

And how about that new iMac? At first glance I’m much more impressed with this model than I was with the introduction of the G4 iMac… but, then again, my sense of style (yeah, yeah, “what sense of style?”) tends to be a bit more conservative. Though the messageboard posts I’ve read (Ars and MacNN, the latter of which is down at the moment) seem quite negative, I think Apple’s price/performance ratio for these machines is pretty darn nice. (My only personal gripe—since everybody seems to need to have one—would be that the iMac can only mirror video to a second monitor, not use a second monitor as an extended display.) Should be interesting to see how they sell.


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