Long weekend

Not that I did anything all that exciting, but the last couple days have consistently left me exhausted. Put that together with my tendency to update late at night, and you have my absence from the online world.

On Friday I was too tired to do anything, so I wound up sitting down and watching Medical Investigation with Dad and Marin. The show actually has an interesting plot—a random collection of people mysteriously become ill, and people from the NIH get dispatched to determine the common link between the sick and thereby try to learn how they became afflicted—but is hindered by some remarkably ham-fisted writing. People get angry at others for no good reason (not even stress seems plausible) other than to increase tension; parents get fed up with the idea of a brain biopsy (??—I’d be questioning that, too) even when not doing so appears to mean certain death for their child.

The show did have a few inspired lines, though, such as this exchange between two of the investigators:

A: Meat is murder!

B: No, meat is delicious!

Saturday I played Guilty Gear X2 (horribly) and Soul Calibur II (well) against Nate, Kevin, and Andy. I also observed Andy play La Pucelle Tactics; his party was eventually decimated by his chronic underestimation of his hippo opponents. (Andy: “Why are there hippos in the forest?”) Needless to say, Andy was disappointed that he was unable to overwrite Nate’s saved game with this lost game.

In the evening I ate Arby’s with Eric, and we debated (argued?) over whether or not I should/will watch Fahrenheit 9/11. Though I didn’t/won’t argue over the time of my life it would waste (a bitter way to say that I don’t mind seeing the movie in and of itself), I did/do have this conviction that I don’t want any money to go towards that movie on my behalf (withholding money being the one way to show lack of support)—which Eric found frustrating. I don’t know if it’s reasonable, but that’s the way it is.

Sunday, spurred on by a $3 off coupon for CDs, I decided to try and expand my musical tastes. This presented a dilemma: how does one get to hear—and like—new music, if the radio only seems to play junk? My solution, for now, is just to dive into random groups based on what I can read about them and the tiny clips that Amazon and the iTunes Music Store provide. It’s really not that great a system.

Then it turned out that, even with a $3 off coupon, most of the CDs I settled on were still cheaper online. Argh. My musical horizons will have to wait a little while to expand.


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