Mid-Labor-Day-Weekend update

I keep getting sidetracked these days…

Thursday was Kristina’s last day at work, so she celebrated (?) by eating dinner with Eric and me at Mcmenamins. We had a good long chat; I’ll miss her. In this pseudo-celebration process, Eric and I discovered that Mcmenamin’s “happy hour” food pricing is quite competitive with the likes of Shari’s. We’ll definitely be back.

Friday Eric was a girly-man* and decided he was going to sleep rather than participate in Movie Nite. Due to other constraints, it became obvious that Movie Nite wasn’t going to happen this weekend—in its place we held Twinkle Star Sprites Nite. My Dreamcast also had to suffer through some Bust-A-Move and some Super Puzzle Fighter, so we had some variety in our two-player gaming. The highlight of the evening was probably found in Bangai-O, where I managed to kill the first boss by standing a short distance away and pumping him full of missiles.

[*I guess Arnold’s rubbing off on me…]

Today, so far, has been noteworthy both for recycling the garbage bags (yes, that’s plural) of cans that had accumulated in our garage and for the absolutely awful (excluding the case where we lose discs) game of disc golf that Brian and I played in the afternoon. Yee-haw.


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