Had a dream last night that Andy had converted an old warehouse into a club, and this club was frequented by the people of my life. The dream ended just as the police raided the place and I realized that Andy had let me in without checking my ID—meaning I had left my wallet in my car. (^_^);;

Took my car to Les Schwab today, where its alignment was marginally tweaked for the princely sum of $70 and one hour of my life. ouch!

My car still seems to veer right. Next up: checking my tire pressure. Let this be a lesson to you: check your tire pressure before you have your alignment tweaked, because it’s a hell of a lot cheaper. (The trip wasn’t a total loss, though, as I did manage to read a chapter of Price Theory while waiting for the repair. sigh)

This evening I was consumed with lust for a cheap PC (2.8 GHz Pentium 4 with 800 MHz FSB! 512 MB RAM! 40 GB HD, CD drive, passable video card! No OS! All for $298 after rebate!), but my desire was tempered by the fact that I wouldn’t really do that much with a PC.

And then I realized what I would do with it: dating sims. And that was enough to kill the idea—I don’t need to add those to my list of oddball interests.


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