Quick reviews

Mountain Dew Pitch Black: the taste is somewhat reminiscent of Dimetapp (not that that’s necessarily bad—I did chug Dimetapp once as a kid because I liked its taste […]), but even that is overwhelmed by the carbonation. If they toned that down, it might be a decent drink. As-is, there’s still only one Mountain Dew in my book.

Yes, that’s right. I’m not a fan of Code Red, and I won’t get to try out the other flavor (whatever it is)—forgetting the variant that’s only sold in Taco Bell—until after I finish off my bottle of Pitch Black.

Miracle: Pretty good movie, even though you already know the ending. I’d have to buy this before I bought The Mighty Ducks… and I did enjoy The Mighty Ducks.

What? The Mighty Ducks is downright decent compared to some of the horror movies hosted by Joe Bob Briggs that I used to watch back in the day. And anything is better than that other movie featuring “duck” in its title. (Well, OK. There’s always Critters 4.)

Something Corporate–Leaving Through the Window: The first CD of my latest attempt to find new music that I like. A pretty good find, actually, though it wasn’t until I heard the piano solo in the middle of the song “Hurricane” (a song that is otherwise reasonably loud) that I was sold. I am a sucker for piano music.

My musical tastes now include alternative rock (though I can’t take too strong a dose of punk), it seems. I figure that’s the last hope for good new music…. Now my iPod holds a combination of oldies, ’80s,more-recent pop/rock, alternative, latin, ballroom, female country, musicals, and anime music. It’s an eclectic collection.


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