Secrets and lies

Now I reveal (one of) my deep, dark secret(s): I’m taking dance classes at OSU again. (Translation: “I am a damned fool.”) My final round of classes will introduce me to night club two step and west coast swing, which will make me into a perfect dancing machine. If you ignore samba and lindy hop. And polka.

Night club was today’s class, and I was quite surprised at the composition of the students. I was far from the only crazy person taking dance classes after graduation, for starters—and then there’s the fact that essentially all the kick-ass leads I know are in the class: Earl, Jimmy, Tak, and Marco. Stiff competition!

I left OSU with half a spring in my step, and half a glint in my eye—and that’s a whole lot better than I’ve been managing lately. I really think these dance classes will do me some good.

They sure didn’t do my strategic gaming any good, though. I picked up a copy of Fire Emblem the other day, and this evening attempted to command a small band of five heroes against some bandit scum. I am pleased to say that my team emerged victorious. I’m not so happy to say that my team also emerged more…uh…svelte. As in two less in number.

And I’m sure as hell not going to mention that this was in one of the tutorial matches.


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