Ran around campus this afternoon to try and get some of the unnecessary vagueness of my life cleared up. Oddly (sadly?) enough, it seems that the ominiously-titled Applied Statistical Methods class that will soon be required by the actuarial societies might be satisfied by (of all things) BA 275.

And I never thought that a sophomore-level business statistics class would ever be consequential to me. Heh.

This evening I prepared to send away for my fixed version of the Stand Alone Complex OST, and then made more progress in entering data into Quicken. The fact that I’ve gotten something—anything—accomplished is quite refreshing. It’s as if I’ve finally gotten some traction after spinning my wheels for a week and a half. I still tire easily, but I now suspect that’s more due to the unusual level of stress I’ve been experiencing than to actual illness. And I can accept “high stress” as an excuse much more easily than I can “sick again.”

I also watched the first disc of the comedy Dokkoida!? this evening, and have decided that Dr. Marronflower is my (anti-) hero. Any villain who goes all-out just to steal an LE copy of the latest dating sim is OK in my book.


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