That’s the sound of me having a very good night at my west-coast swing class. Once I got it through my head that I should put my weight on the foot that I’m stepping with […], things just started fitting together nicely.

I can now effectively wield three WCS moves. And, let me tell you, that’s a hell of a lot more fun than having a tenuous grip on one move. One of those moves sports the entertaining title of “sugar push,” which adds more fun to the fire.

Even more fun than all that is having the power to pause for a random length of time, to see if your follow is actually following your lead—i.e. if your follow stops as well. (I’m evil that way; I love to test my follows. BWA HA HA!) Of course, that also means that the lead has to actually lead…

This evening a follow complimented me on being one of the best leads in the class; I need to savor these moments, because people will start surpassing me soon. If my dancing skill was a car in F-Zero (or Mario Kart, or whatever), it would be one of those that accelerates quickly but has a low top speed. Except when I first started getting into dance; then my dancing skill would have been the car that accelerates slowly and has a low top speed.

I’m glad those days are gone, ’cause that wasn’t a winning combination.


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