Things I did while it rained

This weekend has passed much faster than I expected it to, albeit not in the “I blinked and it was Monday” sense—it was more like a giant smear.

On Friday I joined Brian, Nate, and Kevin for pizza followed by random entertainment (e.g. Lucky Stalin) followed by Team America. The more I reflect on what I saw in that movie, the more fully I realize just how crude and inappropriate it was. That, however, doesn’t change the fact that it was bloody funny. I’m inclined to buy “America: F**k Yeah!” when it arrives on iTunes, just for the halibut. The film’s final argument in favor of Team America is also priceless, albeit not really speakable in polite society.

Thanks to my dance classes, I was able to be cheap and get a student ticket price. (Heh.) I was surprised to note that the ticket’s price was actually broken down into “ticket” and “tax” components—I wasn’t aware that there was any tax on movie tickets. Weird. Carmike was also pimping its “buy two medium sodas and a large popcorn for only $11″ deal—good damn! What a steal!

Saturday was the blurriest of the last couple days. For whatever reason, I was bitten by the bug to buy lots of really bad movies. Mostly horror flicks (for not liking blood and guts, I am fascinated by that genre): the new Friday the 13th collection (“From Crystal Lake to Manhattan”), a relatively cheap collection of the Scream trilogy, etc. I ultimately held back—probably a good thing, since the Friday the 13th series is really, really bad. The first three movies are practically identical (well, Kevin Bacon gets killed in the first; the actual killer differs between the first and the rest; Jason goes from a burlap sack to a hockey mask from part two to part three; part three was originally shown in awesome 3D; etc.—all rather trivial), and I only limit it to the first three because I haven’t seen the others. The only saving grace in this repetition is the crazy old man—who always stops the horny group of kids and warns them of their impending doom. If I ever take a role in a horror movie, I want to be the crazy old man who tells the kids that they’re all going to die unless they leave this place stat. Or else the guy who gets it on with a hot gal. That’d be OK, too.

Today I spent doing my civic duty. That’s right: I’ve voted. (For those not familiar, Oregon is a vote-by-mail state—and I received my ballot on Friday.) It took me damn near all day. I’m not actually going to turn in my ballot until November 2nd, however, as Oregon’s officials (in their infinite wisdom) have decided that they’ll actually process ballots when they receive them—rather than waiting until the time polls close on the 2nd, as they should. I doubt many people are naïve enough to believe that preliminary results won’t leak.

While reading the candidate sections, I was surprised to see that Bill Bradbury, our Secretary of State, actually used the “attended college” trick in his education section. (This implies that he never actually graduated from college; a short-lived coworker introduced Eric to that nuance, and Eric then introduced it to me.) I was similarly humored to find out one candidate for State Treasurer was decidedly not shy about the importance of religion in her life.

At any rate, I’m glad to be done with that thing—and I can hardly wait until the election is over. I’m tired of all this political junk—political junk that isn’t both hilarious and horribly offensive, that is.


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