You get to burning

Signing up for these dance classes has simultaneously been the best and worst thing I’ve done in quite a while. Best in that they get me out of the house and help to lift my spirits; worst in that I’m physically trashed by Wednesday afternoon. (Not getting enough sleep each night hasn’t helped either, I postulate.) I figure that will improve as time passes, but it’s little solace to my body that’s feeling the burn right now. Consequently, I’m not terribly inclined to actually dance all that much at the Wednesday night practice… I did get to salsa with Robin, though, using the classic (?) line: Less talk. More salsa. Robin’s going to start attending my night club two step class, which will be fun; we’ve been short follows, so Earl’s been filling in the last week and a half. I’m sure he’s glad to be a lead again.

I’ve been putting more time into work this week, but have little to show for it—every day I scan down a stack of paper, and every day a new stack appears to take its place. Yesterday I learned the reason why: the entire office is against me. I have everybody (okay, everybody except the four or so insurance follow-up people) working directly to give me more stuff; this means I receive the output of nearly twenty people’s efforts each day. The only way I can possibly win is through a war of attrition; at their current rate, they’ll burn through all the ammunition they have (batches they have to key) before the week is through.


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