Happy Thanksgiving!

Or, if you prefer, Happy Gorge Yourself on Food Day! Even more alternatively: Happy Black-Friday Eve!

Although I’ve been mentioning Black Friday quite a bit to those around me (not so much on the blog; you can thank me anytime), the deals this year seem pretty weak. I’m not even tempted to send Marin out to face the crowds while I sleep in, like I did last year.

Yes, I am that evil. (No, actually, she did it of her own free will.)

I will get my ‘thanks’ in sometime today. The idea of a day to be grateful for what you have (not that you shouldn’t be grateful any other day) appeals to me just as much as a day to celebrate evil (not that you shouldn’t…um…nevermind). The fact that Thanksgiving appears to be the one uncorrupted holiday (and thus the one holiday retailers choose to ignore), however, makes it more special.

Though I do kinda like the Japanese take on Christmas, commercialism and all.


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