Light election blather

As I explained to Brian, pretty much the only satisfaction I derive from these presidential elections is watching the various TV anchors get extremely tired—so I milk it for all it’s worth. The payoff is rather pitiful, all told, and getting to it leaves me extremely tired the next day.

“The next day,” in this instance, was today. Not even Mountain Dew could save me.

Brian earlier suggested that I use my blog for witty social commentary—regardless of who appeared to be winning the presidency—by posting the following message the day after the election:


It would have been beautiful, had the election dragged out into another multi-week affair. Alas, Kerry wound up conceding without any Legal Death Match*. As such, that comment would be an inappropriate mar on his honorable decision—and I am reduced to relating the idea to you in the hypothetical context of meta-humor.

[*For the sensitive: I don’t mean to imply that Kerry had no chance of winning, or that he would be the only one who would choose to enter the Legal Death Match Arena—I write that line in the context of the actual results of this election.]

And if that explanation made no sense: did I mention that I’m really tired? I stayed up until something like 1:30 am watching the election results (not) come in.

The clear winner out of last night’s events? J. Kenneth Blackwell, Ohio’s Secretary of State. That man is clearly in full command of his faculties, and gave good, straight answers to interviewers’ questions. I wish Bradbury was half the SecState that Blackwell is.

EDIT: Hot Damn! I just got hit by my first wave of porn-related comment spam. I’ve made the big-time!


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