China in my hands

So there’s this extremely nice night club two step song entitled China in Your Hands that I wanted to purchase. This proved exceedingly difficult, for the following reasons:

1) Its name is quite similar to an ’80s hit by T’Pau, China in Your Hand. From 30-second sound clips I surmise that the T’Pau song sucks—yet is still found on a good number of CDs.

2) The group that sang the song is named Fusion, which is annoyingly generic when you’re staring down the Google search field.

3) Fusion is (as best I can tell) a German band. (Yes, the song itself is sung in English.)

4) Fusion is (as best I can tell) a one-hit-wonder German band.

5) The song was only released as a single, which is long out of print.

I finally succeeded in finding a copy of the song—I hope—on an import compilation CD entitled Holiday Hit Mix 1999. Yes, that CD is itself five years out of print—but that’s what Amazon’s Marketplace is for.


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