The great time-sink

It seems the internet can be used for Great Evil (in this case, selling great evil*) as well as for Great Good. In my case, it is also used to suck the time out of my life. I’m not sure how, but lately I’ve been coming home from work, sitting down in front of my computer, and then going to bed. And the killer detail is that I’m not actually accomplishing a damn thing! (Well, it’s more like I learn about piddly little things—e.g. yesterday I learned more about the .name TLD.)

[*I enjoyed the first one; the second one was OK; the horror of the third one overpowers all good the others did; I don’t remember the fourth, although I did see it once, long ago.]

Oh, and my apologies if my snow hack-design resulted in black text on a black background. Believe it or not, I’m not so stupid as to actually intend that—but apparently I am so stupid as not to test my CSS in more than one browser.

Here’s a taste of what it should have looked like, if you had been using Safari on Mac OS X (yes, Tiffany, you and I were the only ones who saw this):

It wasn’t hawt, but I thought it looked passable… and the only reason I did it was so that the snow would be visible. Oh well—next time I’ll nail it.


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