Last day of isolation

The progression of life recently forced me to evict the little plush Maromi (from the show Paranoia Agent) that until now had been happily residing in its associated artbox. The doll’s actually rather small—and seems rather cute—so I wound up putting it on the corner of my monitor.

I hear that those who have seen Paranoia Agent find Maromi to be quite creepy. As I haven’t yet gotten to watching the show, I’ll just continue on in my happy ignorance, pondering the world with a little pink dog (I think) on the corner of my digital life.

I continue to convalesce, but this darn cough (the same one that started everything off) refuses to die. Rather than be social and cough constantly, I’ve been keeping to myself: after finally beating the internet on Saturday (and that guy is right—the end guy is hard), I turned my sights to my dusty GBA and the long-neglected copy of Metroid Fusion it contained.

I beat Fusion last night. Waah. Now what am I supposed to do?

My (far too belated to be useful) opinion of Fusion? It’s a pretty good Metroid game, but far from the best. Controls and graphics and whatnot are all solid, and I can’t imagine the amount of time that was spent designing the world (it’s hella intricate, and I try to refrain from using the term “hella” too often), but the heart of the game is being repeatedly told to “go to point X to do Y”—and that ain’t what Metroid’s about. For all the pretty graphics and bigger story and whatnot, the game fails to capture the feel of being one person exploring an elaborate, hostile land. (Don’t mock me for writing that.) I welcomed the end of the game, for all the wrong reasons: the middle just dragged on with one tedious “kill boss in this room” assignment after another.

Still, there are worse ways to pass the time when you’re sick. Like, say, looking at another damn web page. (Yes, I’m interneted-out.) I’m so glad I get to dance again tomorrow.


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