The one-two punch of extremely late nights and helping Brian move into his new place has totally destroyed me. Even Mountain Dew can’t save me now.

Tomorrow I start dancing again (yay!)—I only hope I have the wherewithal to survive the day. Dancing is fun; dancing with a sore back might not be. I also intend to chronicle my weekend adventures, once I have regained the strength to press down on the keys of my keyboard.

In the meantime: it has come to my attention that some of you might not know of the little perversion of the web that was known as the Dysfunctional Family Circus. The DFC consisted entirely of captionless pictures from the innocuous Family Circus comic strip; unsavory characters from the internet would then supply their own caption for the scene, which would be collected underneath. While the full project was torn down long ago, I have managed to find a sample of what used to be.

In some ways it was like a protozoan, except with copyright infringement.


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