Comedy show

So Brian, Pete, Laura, and I attended a free comedy competition this evening. Most of the comics were reasonably entertaining, and a few were downright hilarious. (One, as Brian noted, was just the other day both running illegal immigrants across the border, and in an earthquake.)

And then there was the “token” female comic, whose entire routine was based around comments about sex. Stuff that she could get away with saying because she was female; stuff that a guy would get crucified for saying (with genders reversed, of course); stuff that she really shouldn’t get away with saying, even if she is female.

I was mentally preparing myself for hara-kiri in the middle of her routine, when I found salvation—and the only damn thing about her routine that was funny—in the periodic utterances of Jesus Christ! that came from various fratboys in the audience.

You just know you’re on the wrong side of the line when the fratboys are against you.


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