New sales technique

So this guy and gal come up to my house yesterday. My dad answers the door, and they ask him to buy a subscription to a magazine or two to support inner-city kids, or somesuch. Dad tells them “sorry, no thanks.”

They then start talking smack as they leave:

Nice house; be a shame if something happened to it.

This is a nice car; be a shame if it got damaged.

Nice gun; sorry to have bothered you.

Mmm… yeah. That’s how it went down. Anyhoo, Dad had fun calling the police afterwards to note the incident. Apparently these two earned themselves numerous complaints from my neighborhood.

It’s probably best for them that they tried this in such a peacenik town. I didn’t much appreciate (“I got pissed at”) hearing their idle threats, and I’m really not that aggressive/violent a person.

I successfully avoided the Super Bowl yet again this year (I wouldn’t have known that it was this weekend, had WinCo’s parking lot not been brimming with people buying chips and drinks on Saturday), this time by buying CDs from Amazon’s Marketplace. (For whatever reason, I can spend an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out if a certain CD—or, even worse, a certain song from the iTunes Music Store—is worth buying. I’m not sure why I bother, as I’ve still purchased my fair share of stinkers.) I’ll spare you the details of the CDs that I bought, mostly because they’ll probably end up being personally embarrassing once I learn more about them.

It’s happened before.


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