Andy actually came down to C-town for the weekend, though my dancing kept me from seeing him on Saturday. Sunday, then, was a day spent hanging out with Andy and Brian; we wandered around campus while Andy took pictures for the photography class he’s taking. We bought lunch from the Pita Pit, and Brian later shared bitter Dagoba chocolate (he mentioned a McSweeney’s review stated something along the lines of “[this is] God-fearing chocolate”) with the rest of us. During a slow moment, I issued the Mega Man Challenge to Brian: how little of your toes can you use to successfully balance off the side of a curb? (Mega Man can support himself with a scant pixel or two of one foot actually on a ledge.) Andy proclaimed the challenge dumb.

After Andy ran out of film, we gave Nate and Kevin a call and invited ourselves over. Kevin requested we bring some drinks, so we bought a fridge-pack of Vanilla Coke (nectar of the gods!); inspired by Andy’s Aqua Teen Hunger Force T-shirt, Brian keyed The Moon Rulz #1 into the fridge-pack.

At Nate’s, we played Soul Calibur II and discovered that Andy is a genius at both throws and guard-impacts (which deflects an opponent’s blow and stuns them for a moment). He still can’t block (by pressing the block button) to save his life, but by-gum he can press the block button and move the joystick back exactly when his opponent attacks.

[Historical Note: Soul Calibur is the series that Andy has repeatedly stated that he loves, but is simply no good at.]


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