The Fog

Thursday was a day of firsts for me. I began by actually being competent in lindy hop, only screwing up every single move for the free dance at the end of class. (Weird—usually I’ll start either on or off of my game, and end the same way.)

Later that evening, I was standing bent over a table (taping a box closed) when I realized that my back ached and that standing up was going to be a slow, somewhat painful affair. I suppose my age is starting to show.

Or else I’ve just been beating my body up, and not getting enough sleep to give myself time to heal. Furthering that hypothesis is the fact that my hand tremor is just about the worst I’ve ever seen it—and the degree of my tremor is (most-immediately) a function of how much sleep I’ve been getting.

Even later Thursday evening, Brian and I went out for “coffee.” (The use of quotation marks is because neither of us ever buys coffee on these trips.) As we headed to the Beanery, the sky was crystal-clear; while we were at the Beanery, a fog straight out of… The Fog… descended upon us. (It just so happens that C-town is getting ready for its centennial celebration.) Out of nowhere—I mean, out of the fog—these shapes emerged and attacked us. Freaky!

A’ight, I kid. But we really did get freaked out at the weird actions of the other Beanery customers, and so got the heck away from there. After almost running over an old guy riding a bike in the middle of the road (in the frickin’ fog!), we managed to arrive back at the very same Beanery from which we had fled. Madness!

Yep. Those are the two pseudo-horror movies I recall that really made use of fog. Yep.

That fog really was thick, though. I hated driving under street lamps, as each time I did they rendered me completely blind for a moment.


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