Lately I’ve been more distracted than usual. Not “leaves his coffee on top of his car and drives to work” distracted, but still not quite all mentally there. There was a ballroom dance Sunday evening; though I attended it, I never really got into the dance groove. My lack of action drove Barry crazy (“c’mon! get out there and dance!”; “you paid money to get in, remember?”; etc.)—and, in general, he’s right. I’ve bothered learning these steps; I might as well use them before I forget ’em. Sunday just wasn’t the night.

I did get to see Robin as Cinderella (the theme of the dance was fairy tales and whatnot; I figured that the fact I bothered to tuck in my shirt was close enough), as well as most of the leads fawn over the “new” cute gal/good follow*, so it wasn’t a complete wash. Connor was there and gave me another person to chat with; he wasn’t wearing any female clothing (that I could tell), either. Definite plus there.

[*The “new” cute gal actually just disappeared and then reappeared multiple years later; I’m probably the only one who remembers her from before**. I only remember her, actually, because she remembers me—she’s a friend of my high school prom date. I have, however, completely forgotten her name—as you might have guessed.]

[**Mostly because I was the only one who took so damned long to graduate.]

The only real good to come of this weekend was that I was able to jump on a K-Mart special and buy Shaun of the Dead and Dawn of the Dead for the price of a cheap disc and a rental. (It just so happens that I wanted to buy SotD cheap and rent DotD.) This evening I elected to refocus myself by scaring myself spitless, and so popped in Dawn.

Fast zombies do revolutionize the zombie genre. They’re also more useful when you want to make a horror movie more than you want to make a social commentary, I would imagine. (If you—shock!—aren’t familiar with them, George Romero’s original Dead trilogy was half horror and half commentary. In Night of the Living Dead, the danger to the living frequently came from other living people, and not the dead. Dawn of the Dead was a commentary on commercialism. Day of the Dead was…gory.) The remake of Dawn featured a clever opening, and an otherwise alright movie. Not great, but not awful. Gory, yes, but not as gory as I had expected. (Of course, that statement comes from someone who’s seen his fair share of horror movies.)

Am I any more focused now? Um…well…maybe. I’ll get back to you.


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