I (re)learned how to polka!

Imagine cars racing around a track. Now, imagine those cars are actually couples in a ballroom frame: they gallop twice, rotate 180 degrees, gallop twice, rotate another 180 degrees, and then repeat the process—all to the rhythm of polka music. And polka music, whatever else you think about it, is fast.

The racetrack analogy is apt, because there’s an incredible chance for collisions to occur while you’re spinning and moving at high speed around the dance floor. In my case, though, the near-accident was a one-car affair: the side of my shoe caught on the floor. My follow and I traversed a good eight feet, struggling to stay upright, before we finally came to a complete stop. It was extreme.

It was also hell on my legs. I limped around the rest of the week—and garnered no sympathy from anyone. ::sob::


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