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Tonight I spent some of the precious time that I don’t really have (especially if I think about it) to start playing around with my newest toy. Hopefully I, with the possible aid of Brian, can pull some magic and have something fun for y’all to download in the not-too-too distant future. We’ll see.

I hope for either artistic pretension, or complete falsehood, to characterize my work.

Over the weekend Brian lent me two books: a manga, Phoenix (specifically, A Tale of the Future), and a comic compilation, Flight (volume 1). I stayed up late Sunday night reading Flight, and stayed up late Monday night reading Phoenix. Both were quite good, but I think I’ll point y’all towards Flight first. When I sat down to read it, I figured I’d blaze through the book—it’s not all that big, when you look at it. I got dragged in, though, and spent a small eternity (eternity comes quickly when you get into the past-midnight hours) within its covers.

A good number of the stories fell flat for one reason or another—it’s certainly not perfect—yet I wouldn’t mind buying this thing at full price. (To have Brian lend it to me is like having a tiny treasure thrust in my hands.) It’s durn pretty to look at, too—a coffee-table book for those with small coffee-tables.

And, best of all, volume two is coming out in a week. I’ll probably have to cough up for it.


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