Mission Complete

Over the weekend I finally defeated the terrorist plot to launch a nuclear weapon, got the girl, and drove off into the Alaskan snow. Yes, that’s right, I actually beat Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes. My stats, if you’re interested:

Rating: Hyena

Game Level: Normal

Play Time: 13:31:05 (…)

Save: 58 times (I’m a careful fellow)

Continue: 22 times (Not unrelatedly, I’m also an unlucky fellow)

Alert Mode: 46 times (Something like half of those spent running in circles in the nuclear storage building where you can’t use weapons)

Enemies Killed: 133 (Single-tap to the head gets ’em every time)

Rations: 73 (yum!)

Since I seemed to play the game much better towards the end than at the beginning, I figured my skills had improved. To test this, I tried playing again from the start.

Despite the fact that I’m wearing a so-called Sneaking Suit, I (still!) can’t sneak worth a damn. And since I have no weapons at the beginning of the game, I can’t single-tap people in the head. In short: I still suck at tactical espionage.


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