Shaolin slugfest

Friday was set up to be the day I saw an all-out brawl between Brian and Eric. The scene: Hollywood Video. Both have rather particular ideas of what a movie they want to see is like, you see, and their ideas don’t always overlap. On Friday, Brian was leaning towards Shaolin Soccer; Eric’s pick was Anchorman. I abstained, because I was interested to see how they’d resolve this. (Is that cruel?)

It was a bloodless fight. I was robbed.

Brian went for the jugular first-thing: he pointed out that he was planning on paying the rental fee for Shaolin Soccer, and asked if Eric was willing to pay, if we took his movie. The answer, almost immediately, was “no.” (Eric would make Scrooge McDuck proud.)

So, Shaolin Soccer: hilarious movie. Most of it makes no bloody sense—but that’s OK! As Albert noted mid-movie, it contains soccer matches that are actually interesting to watch. Well worth a rental; don’t be off-put by the serious-looking cover.

And definitely watch the “Original Chinese Version,” and not the hacked-up American theatrical release.

Saturday was mostly a haze of random stuff interspersed with Metal Gear Solid 2. Long story short: I still suck at tactical espionage, but at least I have my habit of incessantly saving on my side. Today (Sunday), in contrast, saw an inordinate amount of productivity out of me: tonight was the first time in ages that I was able to cross off multiple lines off of my to-do list. It feels good to be moving forward again.


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