Catching up

Recovering from my concerted effort on this database project for work has been a slow process, at best. I certainly haven’t helped, as I keep choosing to go dance or fiddle around with things until late into the evening—further denying myself the sleep my body so desperately craves.

The database is the (initial) implementation of an idea I presented to my superiors a month ago, under a program that rewards money-saving ideas with cash-money. I’ve taken to calling this bonus my PSP money, even though I’ll be waiting (at least) until the second revision of the PSP arrives—hopefully with fewer dead pixels—before plunking my cash down.

Let’s see… things I’ve neglected to mention…

A week ago Sunday I finally did beat Metal Gear Solid 2, under Brian’s (and, to a lesser degree, Albert’s and Evrim’s) watchful eye. The plot certainly does go wacky… and I don’t think that was just because I was too slow to keep up with it. The crazy plot is only one of the reasons I play the Metal Gear Solid series, so I’ll definitely be all over the third game once it price-drops. (I can afford to play my games on the cheap these days, since I don’t play that much.)

April Fool’s Day was comedy gold in my office, as the boss was out for the day. Neat freaks got crumbs on their desk; scissors were encased in Jell-o; coworkers would prank call other coworkers and pretend to be unhappy patients; Eric told a whopper about getting arrested the night before for urinating on a stop sign, and then turned around and told another fib about how he only plays April Fool’s jokes on older women, because at a previous job he had gotten punched by a younger gal for something he pulled.

In west coast swing II, Marco showed us how to lead double- or triple-spins off of a sugar tuck (a dubious battle for me, as I’ve never been that strong at leading multiple spins) and then attempted to get us to execute our whips cleanly. While trying to remember to position our hand correctly (your index finger should be a bit forward, for a stronger connection), keep our shoulders from slacking (hard to lead through your arm if your shoulder gives before any real pressure is communicated), and keep the “pulse” of the music (even beats in swing music are generally faster beats, and your steps should reflect that). I don’t doubt that it will eventually all click, but for right now trying to remember all of that is a bit more than my brain can really do.

Last night was the first dance of the term. The theme? Disco. My attire? The same as always. (No, my normal dance attire is not disco-themed.) It was a fun dance—though that might also be related to the fact that I seem to know a good number of the dancers—and ran on longer than it was scheduled to. I, as always, arrived an hour after the dance started. Jay saw me walk in, and asked if I thought I was arriving fashionably late; I clarified that I was simply arriving late.

Fashion and I have never really gotten along, anyway.

Lastly, I’ve wasted far too much time with the following:

Slow Beef’s Strategy Guide to Metal Gear 2: (Note the lack of “Solid” in that name.) Less a strategy, and more a runthrough of the game for those (such as myself) who will never play the game but are curious about the NES-quality plot. (Found via Insert Credit.) Ever wonder about Zanzibar Land or Gray Fox? It’s all here.

Sega Fantasy VI: Amazingly/scarily in-depth recreation of the FFIII ending, rewritten with game consoles as characters. (Found via Wat’s blog, via Dom’s rant at MegaTokyo.)


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