Tinfoil… butterfly…

I’ve been a busy person lately. I don’t much like it.

Well, OK, I mostly don’t like the mega-stress that overwhelmed me when I learned that a fundamental assumption I made when setting up one of my databases for work was wrong. That pretty much ruined Friday, and will continue to haunt me tomorrow. The rest of my business has been of the good, self-imposed, kind.

Wednesday night, at the weekly dance practice, I listened to a gal from last term’s lindy hop class tell a story about how she and her friends went on a road trip to see some guy from the Lord of the Rings movies make an appearance in Seattle. After driving three hours, they arrived to learn that he was making an appearance (where else?) at a Lord of the Rings convention.

Because they weren’t going to turn around after driving that far, they plunged into the odd crowd… and eventually found a flyer on the ground. The flyer featured a picture of William Shatner (at a jaunty angle) pointing at the reader with both hands, and had these immortal words printed underneath:

Set phasers to fun!

The story ends with this gal and her friends meeting the guy they wanted to see, the guy noticing their flyer—and then breaking out a perfect impression of Shatner, and scribbing a Shatner-inspired phrase on their sheet. They still have the flyer, and have adopted Those Immortal Words into their lexicon.

In the middle of the story, Jon (friend and fellow lindy hop classmate, who was listening with me) became distracted by the music being played. (“Is this a lindy hop?”) The gal telling the story was humored enough by this to describe Jon by spreading her hands apart, alternating between shaking each hand (while looking at that hand), and saying “tinfoil… butterfly… tinfoil… butterfly…”

That, my friends, is a hilarious way to describe the attention span of a distracted person.

Friday evening featured me wearing down my left thumb (a.k.a. playing Guilty Gear XX with Nate and Kevin) and watching Robot Chicken episodes. Robot Chicken is damn funny, albeit quite dark at times.

This weekend… I’ll get to later. I’ve been putting in a good amount of time trying to get this site’s new home set up, which has added additional pressure (beyond studying for my exam, work-as-usual, databases, hanging out with friends, and taking care of odds and ends) on my admittedly-weak time-management skils. One thing that’s been taking a hit for the team lately has been sleep, and that just can’t continue.

I mean, I was so tired on Friday evening that my legs started shaking. (You will recall that I traditionally possess a hand tremor.) Fortunately, I did get to sleep in some on Saturday, and that righted itself.


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