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My (future) PSP is starting to fulfill the promise that Andy and I saw for it, long ago. Already there’s an early SNES emulator for it, and today Sony confirmed (though I’ve only heard about this second-hand, if not third-hand) that it can act as a wireless controller for the upcoming PS3. The PS3 will apparently be backwards-compatible with both PS2 and PSX games, which makes me happy.

(For some damn nice footage of what the PS3 is supposedly capable of, scroll to the bottom of this GameSpot article. Of course, keep in mind that Sony sorta exaggerated the capabilities of the PS2 before it was released… but that shouldn’t stop you from clicking on the FF7 technical demo, and drooling.)

The grapevine has also said that the Nintendo Revolution will be backwards-compatible with the Gamecube as well, which also makes me happy. No other news on that front, yet (well, aside from the fact that the console’s dimensions are supposed to be something around the measurements of three stacked DVD cases), but that should change tomorrow.

[Yeah, and Microsoft’s announced the XBox 360… but I’ve never been that interested in that platform, for whatever reason. Probably because it lacks any killer game for me—the me that gets motion-sick from first-person perspectives, that is.]

In continuing game-related news, I’m still sorely tempted by the Final Fantasy OSTs on the iTunes music store. Now that it’s gotten through my head that these CDs cost 50-150% more than their equivalent downloads—if they’re available at all—and since I’d hazard that 8-bit video game bleeps don’t stress a 128 kbps encoder, I’m thinking they might be a decent deal. If I want to relive my glory days of saving the world from evil, at least.


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