Series Finale of Third Watch: If five-odd grenades made this the most explosive Third Watch ever, then I’m glad I never watched the rest of this show. The only thing keeping me from being bored to tears was the fact that I was browsing the internet rather than actually watching the TV.

Kyo Kara Maoh episode 1: This anime starts by flushing its protagonist into an alternate dimension (yes, flushing; down the girls toilet, even), and then surrounding him by poorly-animated pretty-boys. And then Skeletor flies in and grabs the protagonist with his feet. Hmm.

Otogi Zoshi episode 1: Unlike KKM, this anime was actually animated—and had a nifty air about it, to boot. It’s set in the past, with multiple story threads put into play rather quickly: the protagonist is on a journey to recover something, helped by a one-eyed swordsman while being hunted by many other creatures; a lord is poisoned, revealing major political intrigue; a wandering entertainer drifts into (proto) Kyoto, and seems to be more than he appears. My sense is that it’ll be a damn interesting ride… but, of course, this is all from the first episode.

The Incredibles: Yes, I only got around to seeing this tonight. Y’all probably don’t need to be told how much fun this movie is, because you’ve already seen it. Heck, your grandmother’s seen it twice. I know.

iTunes Music Store “iMixes”: Actually useful, now that (finally!) you have the ability to search for iMixes by their name. Sorting by rating or creation date was all well and good, but it certainly didn’t help me find new West Coast Swing songs.

Dancing: Fun, as always. I didn’t realize until Connie mentioned it in passing, but the two of us have a tradition of dancing the last waltz of the evening on Wednesday nights. Nifty.

Hot chocolate whipped-cream application: More complicated than you might guess. You will be doomed to a bad end unless you create a gasket (actual term!) of whipped cream around the edge of the cup prior to piling it on top.

Becoming friends with the people behind the counter at the Beanery: priceless.

Studying for actuarial exams: Overrated. Tedious and boring. Time-consuming. (Yet, paradoxically, studying has not consumed enough of my time!) I think I can take this second exam down by concentrated study on the topics that appear to be tested; I’ll let you know how that all works out.


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