I live!

…but damn do I feel tired.

The Friday before this last week (er… the 20th) I took some time away from studying to attend the surprise graduation celebration of a dancer-acquaintance, Charles; ironically, the people organizing the event couldn’t find him. This led to numerous messages left on his answering machine, from “SURPRISE!,” right before we started eating without him, to Mike’s bitter message “I hope this means you don’t graduate!” It was a good time (we all learned that Jay really appreciates fine cookware), and afterwards a bunch of us retired to Jay’s apartment to watch a movie.

We eventually settled on Wasabi, a delightfully whimsical French action-comedy, and then engaged in general conversation as some form of Riverdance played in the background. (Remember: these are dancer-types.) At some point, one of the gals sighed over the lead dancer and wondered aloud where all the gorgeous guys were in their [the females’] lives. My retort: they’re at the same place all the beautiful women are in our [the males’] lives. After an extended oooooooh, the guys judged my retort as “harsh, but fair.”

My trip to take the second actuarial exam was rather uneventful. The night before the exam I took advantage of the hotel’s free Starz channel to watch Scary Movie 3, which mentally prepared me for the exam. Had Starz not been available, I could have made do by repeatedly bashing my head into a cement wall.

The revised actuarial exam was two hours and 25 questions. (You might remember that, earlier, I timed myself and found my rate to be about 20 questions in two hours—fortunately for me, I got faster.) I actually calculated solutions for 24 of the 25 questions, which means one of two things:

1) I kicked ass

2) I think I kicked ass

The truth will not be revealed until July 8, so now I kick back and wait. And (at least in theory) start studying for the third exam.

After the test I made my way to the Amtrak station, where I discovered my train would be four hours late. (By the time it finally came, the delay was closer to five and a half hours.) Sitting for an entire afternoon in a hot train station with no air circulation, while wearing pants, wasn’t terribly fun. I had brought my GBA and the latest Zelda game (The Minish Cap), but was quickly stymied there by a puzzle I couldn’t solve. At that point I alternated between reading a collection of short Stephen King stories and bombing every possible wall in Hyrule.

Brian’s and my trip to San Francisco rejuvenated my spirit, but left my body feeling the big pain. (I’ll have to hit the highlights later; I’m almost passed-out right now as it is.) Tonight I danced for the first time in two weeks, and enjoyed myself thoroughly; afterwards I began to fully comprehend how not-healed my body is after all the walking I did in San Francisco.


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