(Today’s title dedicated to Zach.)

Life’s been busy lately. Not necessarily “interesting,” but “busy.” I’ve been doing my best to catch up scanning at work, which pretty much fills up my weekdays; my weekends are consumed attempting to make progress on my database project.

In the evening Marin and I occasionally watch anime (we’re past the half-way mark in Last Exile!), and lately I’ve been fighting with my Windows box over some bad RAM. Yay. Fiddling with cords in the back of your machine gets hot and sweaty quickly—but it gets even worse when it’s already warm outside.

Now that I have a nifty $10 printer (after rebate) that came with some $20 of ink (the oddly-named Canon PIXMA iP3000), I feel inclined to print out random pictures and tack them up at work. (The only artwork adorning my cubicle walls right now is a picture of Shinji, Asuka, and Rei, which represents my long-standing silent opinion of the state of the office.) The trick, as I understand it, is to find things that won’t create a threatening environment. In short: no Mahoro [dis?]robing for me.

Marin’s tempted to try out NetFlix over the summer; she figures its her best chance to catch up on all the movies she’s missed over the years. I’ve missed most of ’em, too: you know you’re in a sad state when your folks have easily seen more movies (and more-recent movies, not just older films) than you have. I’ll probably end up splitting the price with her, if she decides to go for it.

The theoretical Japan trip that has long been a thought-exercise for Brian, Andy, and myself, appears to be solidifying into something terrifyingly real. Like, mid-September real. Dang.

Lately I’ve noticed that Brian ends his email with a simple “B“, while I prefer to use “-B“. I’ve idly speculated that we’re really inverses of each other, and this email thing is that fact quietly expressing itself.


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