Extreme Bad Luck

That title just about sums me up (while simultaneously implying that I’ve read a bit of the Kodansha Bilingual version of the Love Hina manga… but that’s neither here nor there). Work is going to put the big pain on me in the next two weeks, which will allow me lots of time to prepare for going to Japan. Tomorrow I implement the database I’ve been working on for ages (slight exaggeration), and so tomorrow I figure out how many bugs I’ve yet to squash. I’m betting that will be a non-zero number.

Tomorrow is also the last day of work for the cute gal at Subway. *sob* Cute gal, I hardly knew ye.

I’m already tired and stressed and grumpy, so by the end of this all I should be some sort of demon of vengeance. The first target of my rage will be Sony, as it seems my camcorder will no longer start up without use of the “reset” button—and it’s not as if I’ve been using the heck out of it.

Damn you, Sony!


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