It’s apparently not bad enough that I have a deadline to meet—that deadline had to be pushed back, allowing for an extra week of torture on my end. (Nothing annoys a procrastinator more than a deadline that moves after (s)he has started working on whatever is due.) Consequently, this week is now crunch week. I’m optimistic that I’ll actually have a finished (defined as “working without making a total mess of itself”*) product by the end of this week.

[*Power tip: keep expectations low, for the win.]

In typical Brent fashion, I’m also sick during this deadline. I know exactly who to blame, too: Eric wasn’t doing so well on the evening we went to Nick’s wedding. I missed the second wedding I was to attend (gah), and ultimately wound up sleeping the entire weekend.

One of the few sources of entertainment I had last week was from Marin poking around and reading funny slogans to me as I coded away. The best one, by far: oh my gods, it’s a Marin!


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  1. GreyDuck says:

    Hmmm. The Sloganizer is quite cool. Too bad it hates my template-based website rig, ’cause I’d love to use it as a replacement (temporary) random-tagline generator. Bah.


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