Well, it’s officially two and a half weeks after my artificial, self-imposed deadline for finishing my programming project. If this project were a progress bar, it would now stand at about 95% completion; once it reaches 100%, it’ll then change into an indeterminate progress bar and cycle for a while longer. If this project were a process on a computer, it would be the one using 97% of system resources without any terribly good reason.

Fortunately for me, my office won’t have everything it needs to implement this program until next Monday; busting my hump over the last two weeks means that meeting the actual deadline is physically possible.

I do take breaks from programming—which is to say I’ll poke around on the web every once in a while (off the clock, of course). One of the blogs I’ve discovered more recently is the DrunkenBlog, which tends to cover Mac-related topics in between talk of alcoholic beverages. Specifically, drunkenbatman recently posted an article about the lack of quality coming out of Apple—especially with respect to Mac OS X. I’m not sure what I can add, other than that I agree with him.


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