Photoshop Friday

This week used and discarded me like a tissue, so I’ve pretty much been drooling on myself in front of my computer this evening. Somehow, in my comatose state, I opened up my copy of Photoshop and discovered a tool I didn’t know existed: Extract. (For all I know, extract was added to Photoshop in version 2; back in my yearbook days I pretty much used Photoshop to crop and adjust levels.) As the name suggests, extract allows you to separate part of a picture from its background.

My sister, for the last two years running, has bought me an anime calendar for Christmas. This year’s calendar featured Yotsubato! (or, as marketed in the US, Yotsuba&!). When I got my new camera a few weeks ago, I took a shot of the August picture of this calendar—mostly for the halibut. The only problem with the photo was that it was marred by an eerie outline of a panda; next month’s picture had bled through when I took my shot.

You can see where I’m going with this. After dinking around for an hour, I had this absolutely stunning desktop picture:

I’d lie and say I did this in honor of Something Awful’s Photoshop Phriday feature (SA is currently down due to Katrina’s destruction), but in reality the best I could hope for would be a showing in the Page of Shame.


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