Dance practice

Dance practice. Arrived late. Was glomped by Sofie, though I didn’t remember her name [ (-_-);; ]. Danced a fun west-coast swing with the non-engaged Jenny (there are two of ’em; the engaged one didn’t call her wedding off) to a remixed version of Stayin’ Alive, which would typically be a hustle… meaning that it was a pretty fast WCS. Jenny taunted me with her advanced syncopations, which might end up being my tipping point for actually trying to dance more with the music, rather than just to its beat. Had a funny waltz ending with the engaged Jenny: the song ended while we were doing flip-flops, with Jenny on my right side, so I pulled a (decidedly non-waltz) move out of my bag of tricks and tucked and spun her out. Since it’s not a waltz move, she wasn’t really expecting it… hah. I’m crazy like that. [This is one of those things where you not only had to be there, but you had to be me… so don’t worry if it’s not amusing to you.]

After the practice ended, I wound up chatting with Sofie, Sam[antha], and Jon in front of the Women’s Building for a good while. Sofie was waiting for Amy (another dance regular, who wasn’t there tonight) to come pick her up; Sam was marveling at the freedom of having a driver’s license (?—she got her license this last summer, despite being close to graduation); Jon was talking about the psycho-physics classes that test his sanity.

I can’t begin to say how glad I am to be done with the whole school thing. Studying for actuarial exams (even when I’m actually studying) is just so much more pleasant than the constant stresses of college. I’m almost certain* I’ll never** follow in Eric’s footsteps and head to grad school. And I say that despite his assertion that he’s become a member of a “vaguely Seinfeld-esque group” of grad students—that part sounds pretty cool, actually.

[* “never say never,” right?]

[** hah]


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