The Japan blow-out… begins now

Yah, I’ve been a lazy ass w.r.t. my blog. Sorry. [Incidentally, the lazy way to write with respect to is one of the best things to come out of my math education.] I was horribly short sleep and off-schedule last week, and this week my folks are on vacation—leaving me and my sister taking care of Grandma and the animals. Except that Marin’s in school, so it’s pretty much me. [Actually, she’s been quite good about helping; I’m just mouthing off.]

Here’s a pro-tip: if you’re going on vacation and you have a shitty memory, take a pad of paper and a pen, and make notes of what you did. I did that, so I now have the ability to regale you with some tales. I also took pictures—modern science worked image-stabilization miracles, and they actually came out OK—so my tales might have some pretty pictures to bump up their length.

Oh, and I have a terrible habit of switching tense mid-paragraph (sometimes mid-sentence), which most likely will rear its ugly head in the next fourteen (or so) entries. Please overlook that.


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