New layout ahoy

I missed my target by a day or two. Oh well. Thanks to Marin for the new sidebar idea, as well as for help picking out pictures.

Feel free to hit “reload” on your browser if a giant ! didn’t just appear over your head.

[*giant ! may also be due to a fubared layout. In that case, hit “reload” until a different giant ! appears over your head.]

Internet Explorer users don’t get all the lovely alpha transparency that everyone else does (pssst! Use Firefox), but at least it still looks OK there.

Update: I now see the shortcoming of my IE/win workarounds, in sidebars that don’t extend all the way to the base of the window for short entries, and when the window is so small that horizontal scrolling is forced. I’ll have to work on those later; right now it’s time to sleep.


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