Out of the loop (again!)

I haven’t actually had my head on straight the last couple weeks. I’ve not been sick enough for anyone to actually notice, but there’s just been this disconnect between my head and the outside world that’s a couple orders of magnitude larger than it normally is.

While playing games at Jay’s this weekend, I left my wallet in my car. I filled my gas tank, but was surprised when the tank seemed full sooner than it should have been—and then (a day later) was surprised again when I only had three-quarters of a tank. I strained the liquid from my soup into the garbage can.

GreyDuck updated the underpinnings of his blog, and in doing so changed the location of his RSS file. I, being the sharpest cookie on the block*, didn’t notice that my newsreader had failed to give me a new post from him—a far more regular blogger than I’ve been—for the last two weeks. That blackout period also happened to coincide with his notice of National De-Lurking Week (the only such notice I think I would have seen, in my daily browsing)—which was last week. I’ll have to wait until next year to hang with the cool kids, I guess.

[*My mixing of colloquialisms (and metaphors), however, is congenital.]

Pretty much the only productive thing I’ve done all weekend was to help put together the elliptical trainer that my sister bought on the cheap. To prepare room for the elliptical, we junked our old treadmill whose tread had been catching or slipping or something; in the process of doing that we discovered that its motor had worn through the base of the treadmill and taken out a good chunk of the underlying carpet.

Using the elliptical is actually kind of fun, which is a weird thing (at least for me) to say about exercise equipment. Hopefully I’ll use it regularly; I’m certainly not getting any exercise sitting behind a computer programming all day, and my dancing (it’s all about the dancing!) has suffered for it.

Now that I’ve declared this new design final (at least until I learn of something else that breaks), I’ve turned my attentions to my woefully untouched Links page. It’s dangerous to go over there right now; I think a giant (web) spider has made a nest and raised offspring (!!!) there, and I haven’t gotten around to cleaning it out yet.

Drama surrounding the Links page is high: will I actually update Jeff’s blog from nowhere to Betsu ni? (He only changed blogs a year ago.) Will GreyDuck end his two-year streak of being the blog I intended to add next, but never got around to doing?

No comment.

If you haven’t already, you should check out the Falling Sand Game. It possesses a sort of whimsey not oft seen, where you do what you want for the sheer joy of doing it and seeing what results.


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