Pac Man Vs.

Over the weekend I made the mistake of bringing my PSP over to Nate & Kevin’s place, where Lumines fever quickly consumed Kevin and Andy. (Speaking of Lumines: its follow-up game, Every Extend Extra, looks like the portable version of Ikaruga I never had.) Also making waves were Mario Kart Double Dash—hard to believe I’ve been playing Mario Kart games for over ten years, and I still find them fun—and Pac Man Vs. The new Pac Man lets four players play at once: three as ghosts, and one as Pac Man (the goals of each are unchanged from the original Pac Man, as you might expect). The ghosts end up having a very limited view of the board, while Pac Man gets the whole picture courtesy of the use of a GBA as one of the four controllers.

Beating a level in Pac Man is bloody difficult when the ghosts have actual intelligence behind them. Of course, that same fact makes the feat of clearing the board that much sweeter. The ghost players can (and generally need to) communicate with each other in order to catch Pac Man—but the fact that Pac Man’s player is in the same room means that (s)he too is privy to whatever schemes you think up.

Theoretically you play for points, and whoever reaches a predetermined point level first wins—but in reality you play for the chance to be the one person smart enough to outwit his/her friends, so you can gloat in their faces.

I haven’t lost friends over Pac Man Vs.



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