Still moving—somehow

Yesterday’s dance practice was crazy, and had me out on the floor quite a bit. Ae-Young discovered that she could brute-force a double-spin into my cha-cha, and went to town with that (declaring, in the process, that she’s going to dance every cha-cha with me in the future). After the second cha-cha, we almost had a modicum of control over those spins. Sophie and I rediscovered how quick a west coast “Shambala” actually is; Sam and I had fun chatting during a more peaceful waltz. Charles danced a tango with Britta, while Emerald rode piggy-back; Jenny enjoyed outwitting me, in another west coast, with her fancy breaks and other advanced move trickery.

I made it home just before my legs gave out.

I ditched work early today—as in “before 11:00 am” early—which was frankly the second-best thing I’ve done all week (behind attending dance practice). I recently implemented a data-entry program that blows the pants off of the crappy import that my office had been using, so I figure now’s about as good a time to take a break from work as there will ever be.

I’m still horribly out of it, so I didn’t actually get all that much accomplished with my free day. I did stop by campus, though, where I discovered that Woodstock’s Pizza is still selling a slice and a drink for $3.25—the price I was paying back before I graduated. They’re also the only place in town that still has Vanilla Coke, so I indulged my hunger and got in line. Delicious! I have many a fond memory of eating at the MU with others, and it was nice to reminisce.

I also put together my first somewhat-serious Ruby function today, which recursively scans all the files in the directory you pass it, adding up file sizes and also calculating MD5 hashes for each file. (I have an idle scheme of creating a backup program, and comparing MD5 hashes can tell you if a file has been modified.) It works, too, until it gets to files with weird characters in their name…. Still, it’s far from the worst start I’ve had with a programming language.


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