Holy crap. It’s 10:25 pm on a Friday night and I just learned the ninja whip in west coast swing. How awesome is that?

It’s pretty awesome, I say.

I also learned a supposedly sassy way to do a single-handed sugar push, and greatly enjoyed Ashley(#2)’s demonstration of a decidedly sassy end to the ninja whip.

Jenny sassed me (yes, there was a whole lotta sass tonight) on my intention tremor, saying that I should (nodding towards my hands) lighten up; it was with great humor that I explained the only way for that particular aspect of me to “lighten up” is for me to drink.

At the end of the evening, I even snuck my way onto the start (!) of the waiting list for next term’s west coast swing II class, meaning I’m basically guaranteed a spot. Booyah.

The sass of the evening has definitely infected my brain; I feel more mentally quick (the only way you can really sass, IME), right now, than I’ve been in weeks. Months, maybe.

Dancing really is my salvation.


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