Little News

I, uh, picked up a second monitor over the last weekend. I now have an awe-inspiring (::cough::) 2560 x 1024 total display, and my sister now has monitor lust. I actually keep more applications open now that I can see more of them at once—the first time I’ve broken from my old Mac OS habits of quitting an application when I was done with it.

I spent an entire evening trying to color-match the monitors. It did not go well. (They’re now a whole lot closer than what they were, but are still miles apart.)

This evening I danced with the (self-professed) most beautiful follow in the room, who kindly wrote off my mild fumbles—I haven’t actually been dancing much lately, and it somewhat shows—as my being awed by her beauty. All said in good fun, though the idea did tickle me.


2 Responses to Little News

  1. GreyDuck says:

    I have a ViewSonic VG900b LCD paired with an aging Sceptre DragonFlat CRT. Colormatching just ain’t happenin’. *sigh* Still, I can go one better on the open apps front: I run Linux, so I have three virtual desktops’ worth of stuff. Okay, two. The first widescreen is filled with terminals, my music app (Amarok, which can’t get ported to other platforms fast enough!) and a file browser window. The second contains all of my Internet-type stuff, like Gaim and Firefox and Thunderbird. The third remains blank for other odd uses, such as bringing up the TV tuner app or what-have-you.
    Gods, I’m a big ol’ geek.

  2. Sarah says:

    HA HA HA! And I thought I was so ‘core with my Viewsonic A71f, uno-display sans not one… not two… but THREE parrots!


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