Not fun

I did not, by hook or by crook, go to Sunriver this weekend as planned; instead, I slept. Problem was, Brian and I were going to ride together; the first wrinkle in our plan came when we learned that Brian’s car would be in the shop all weekend. [I called Kevin, the other C-town driver, on the off-chance that they were still around and could at least squeeze Brian in; not only were they in Eugene at the time, but their car was apparently stuffed.] Our only other method of transportation, then, was to borrow my sister’s car—the only one we switch over to snow(-like) tires—and scrounge chains for it. We’d have to leave Saturday, though, to have the sun working for us.

Saturday arrived, along with a string of storms that meant goodly snow for the passes: now I had Brian on one side, who quite obviously wanted to go, and my folks on the other—who (to put it mildly) aren’t terribly fond of snow and ice. This resulted in all sorts of fact-finding about the condition of the passes, what the weather was going to be like, etcetera… and a whole lot of stress for me.

I’ve been sick the last two weeks, with something that causes extreme fatigue and not much else. [No, it’s not mono.] I’ve done a decent job of continuing my social life (such as it is) in the interim, but that’s been at the expense of work—when you’re sleeping twelve-plus hours a day, and generally out of it another eight hours a day, most things have to give. (Fortunately for me, I was at a good stopping point with my projects—and nobody likes to pay for a groggy employee to half-do work.)

So, stress + sick = Brent shuts down. It’s not every weekend you can let down the vast majority of your friends simultaneously.

On the upside, I seem to be getting better; today I managed to get through a half-day of work without collapsing. woo.


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