Today’s bit of inanity will use the “shuffle” feature of iTunes to answer multiple pressing questions about myself. Idea ripped from Lafiel; credit the late hour for my inability to realize how bad of an idea this is.

I have a lot of random junk in iTunes, most of it considered “bad” by the general population. Be warned.

1) How does the world see me? High Lonesome, by Jedd Hughes (iTMS free download)

2) Will I have a happy life? This is Your Night, by Amber

3) What do my friends think of me? Get It On Tonite, by Montell Jorden

4) Do people secretly lust after me? Baby I Love Your Way/Freebird, by Will to Power

5) How can I make myself happy? Beauty and the Beast, the Disney in-movie version

6) What should I do with my life? Then the Morning Comes, by Smash Mouth

7) Will I ever have children? Prelude and the Sound of Music, from (doi) The Sound of Music

8) What is some good advice for me? Five-Dollar Bill, by Amadan

9) How will I be remembered? I Remember/Stranger Than You Dreamt It, from The Phantom of the Opera

10) What’s my signature dancing song? Nobody’s Fool, by Avril Lavigne

11) What’s my current theme song? Try Again, by Aaliyah

12) What do others think is my current theme song? The Best of Me, by The Starting Line

13) What shall they play at my funeral? Wind Beneath My Wings, by Bette Midler

14) What type of women do I like? Authority Song, by John Mellencamp

15) How’s my love life? You Belong To Me, by Vonda Shepard

16) To sum it all up… One Less Set of Footsteps, by Jim Croce

Yeah. OK. Whatever. I couldn’t just sit and take the answer to (10) though, so I went an extra round: after picking out my favorite songs from a variety of dance genres (i.e. multiple songs per genre) and throwing them all together, I let the miracle of shuffle have one last shot at me:

10) What are my signature dancing songs? Seriously, this time.

Cha-cha: Dance With Me, by Debelah Morgan

Hustle: Absolutely Everybody, by Vanessa Amorosi

Night-club Two-step: Show Me Heaven, by Jessica Andrews (though Tina Arena might have a less-country version)

Waltz: Kiss From a Rose, by Seal

West Coast Swing: Rock Your Body (random remix), by Justin Timberlake

Ah; much better.


2 Responses to Divination

  1. Level 89 Seducing Man says:

    13 made me laugh. What I really want to know is who will sing it. I suggest Sir Tom Jones. Or even better, a few alumni from Morning Musume.

  2. Brian says:

    13 = funny


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