Lack of productivity

I’ve been trying to learn Ruby on Rails lately, and have discovered a significant drawback to the platform: it requires me to have a browser window open. This window is a sitting invitation to the entertaining inanity of the internet, which is far too powerful a siren song for me to overcome most of the time. I don’t know how anyone is actually productive this way.

Today, once again, I felt like I was coming down with some nasty illness: I developed a nasty-sounding cough, and my eyes felt like they should be glassy. (Upon inspection in the mirror, they were actually fine.) I postponed a visit to Jessica at the alterna-Beanery in favor of a nap, certain that I’d wake up with a full-blown cold ravaging my body.

For the second illness in a row, though, I woke up feeling decent: although I was infected, my body didn’t actually fail me. It’s a welcome change from my past experiences.

Watched Broken Flowers yesterday, which was an odd film. I like the premise behind the movie, and Bill Murray can kick all kinds of ass, but something about the executing left me wanting. What, I’m not entirely sure: an ending? (I’m used to that, though, thanks to anime.) The excision of a certain scene? (Yeah, but that wasn’t it.) A point?

I liked Lost in Translation—heck, I bought it—despite the fact that it, too, might be said not to have a “point.” (Of course, it did have Scarlett Johansson.) I think what made Lost in Translation work for me was that it evoked a mood; Broken Flowers did much less for me that way. I will watch Lost in Translation again; the same can’t be said for Broken Flowers. Nevertheless, I’m not left feeling like asking for that bit of my life back: I guess I’m overall neutral on the exchange.


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